With over twenty years of experience in construction and real estate, Shara Lewis provides sophisticated and cost-effective management of capital projects. planning, project permitting, construction, and closeout. She is a proactive problem solver with great strength in managing schedule-driven projects. She excels at facilitating the smooth resolution of complex permitting, pre-construction and construction challenges.  Clients appreciate her “positive and inclusive approach.” She has prior experience in property management and brings a keen insight to the project team on how design decisions affect maintenance and operations costs.

What Clients Say

“Shara was a tremendous asset to the project. Her attention to detail, as well as her ability to keep things moving, was really incredible.” – Independent Development Consultant

“Throughout the project, I knew that any question or concern that I had, big or small, Shara would address promptly, courteously, and professionally… the collaboration and leadership that Shara brought to the project everyday was greatly appreciated.” – Montessori School Director

“I absolutely would recommend hiring Shara.  She is phenomenonal.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  Incredibly thorough.  Incredibly detailed.  Holds contractor and architects’ feet to the fire.  Nothing gets past her.  Very good about communication and paperwork.”  – Affordable Housing Development Consultant

 “The close attention you pay to the construction details and how they are being implemented gives us the assurance that the project is in good hands” – Department of Neighborhood Development , Staff Architect